Latest Press Release: Visit of Chinese premier breath of fresh air for troubled Pakistan Dated: 24 May 2013

The two countries should advance strategic bilateral ties

The two day state visit of Chinese prime minister is a breath of fresh air for troubled Pakistan.This was stated by Ameer of Tanzeem-e-Islami, Hafiz Akif Saeed, at Qur’an Academy Lahore during the Friday Sermon. The exemplary friendship between the two countries, often quoted by analysts as Higher than the Himalayas and Deeper than the Seas is no overstatement, he said. The role played by Pakistan in introducing China to the world, in the initial days of its modern history, has always been regarded with gratitude and highest esteem by the Chinese. Over the years, China has always provided its Pakistani counterparts with sound and sincere advice, without interfering in the internal affairs of the Islamic Republic. For example, China had guaranteed Pakistan a walkover on Kashmir during the Indo-Sino war, but Pakistan showed reluctance to send troops on the ground on the false assurances of the US regime and we missed out on a major opportunity to free Kashmir from brutal Indian occupation. China even advised General Yahya Khan against conducting a military operation in the ex- East Pakistan, to which the arrogant ex-dictator sarcastically replied, ‘I thought you were our friends’. Time has attested that the Chinese offer and plan back then was far-sighted and prudent, he added.

The Ameer further noted that on the eve of the creation of Bangladesh, China had advised Pakistan to ‘erect an Iron Curtain around itself’, focus on economic development to become a world economic powerhouse and avoid becoming party to any international military conflict and adventurism. The Chinese, he said, have always advised Pakistan to prioritize and work hard towards becoming an economic powerhouse, which will enable the sovereign Islamic nation to pursue its foreign policy free from international pressures. Unfortunately, we turned a deaf ear to all these advices and are now fighting for our survival as a country, he remarked. He said that whilst Allah has bestowed upon us divine help from all possible avenues, we arrogantly defy his Authority and we as nation refuse to repent and ask for his mercy by reverting to the straight path of Islam. The Ameer warned that the Qur’an bears witness to the fact that if nations keep ignoring Allah’s Deen and haughtily follow deviant paths, Allah eventually tightens the leash on them according to His divine will.

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