Latest Press Release: No Major Change In Sight Even After Elections. Dated: 03 May 2013

Pakistan is the only nation on the face of the earth created on an Ideological basis.

Lahore (pr): ‘Any major change in the destiny of our nation seems unlikely in the aftermath of the upcoming elections.’ This was stated by Ameer of Tanzeem-e-Islami, Hafiz Akif Saeed, at Qur’an Academy Lahore during the Friday Sermon. He noted that the memory of our nation was short-lived and they were conveniently seduced by the vain slogans of the political elite. This, he said, caused widespread despair when those elected, failed to live up to their pre-election pledges. He cited the passionate reception afforded to ex-President Musharaf when he deposed an elected Prime Minister in 1999 to usurp power and the masses were enthused by his slogans of accountability and good governance. Back then, Musharaf’s seven-point agenda was warmly received by many, including the Chairman of PTI, Imran Khan. The Ameer lamented that the ex-dictator did nothing but drive the nation and its neighbors to levels of wretchedness, unprecedented in our history. He reiterated that the multi-faceted problems facing Pakistan could only be solved by reverting to the just system of Islam. He added that Pakistan and Islam went like hand in glove. He noted that any failure to install the just system of Islam in Pakistan would exacerbate our national crises and could lead to an existential threat to the country. He said that amid the numerous countries that had gained independence in the last century, Pakistan is the only example of a nation created on the basis of Islamic Ideology. ‘The Ideological frontiers of our nation need as much protection as its geographical boundaries’, the Ameer added. He slated the nefarious efforts of secular elements in Pakistan for their endeavoring to weaken the Ideological foundations of Pakistan. 

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