Urdu: Message On Eid-ul-Fitr By Hafiz Akif Saeed Ameer-e-Tanzeem-e-Islami


In the Name of Allah (SWT), The Compassionate, The Merciful

Salutations on His last messenger, Muhammad (SAW)


Message of Ameer-e-Tanzeem-e-Islami to all Muslims, including the members of Tanzeem-e-Islami


O’ Brethren in Islam! Although Muslim Ummah has been spiraling downwards in political, economic, educational and social realms, it would be no understatement to profess that we have now reached our lowest ebb. The notion of ‘One Ummah’ seems nothing more than a distant mirage. Consequently, while bonding together to face the continuous and relentless onslaught of the Satanic, Zionist and Dajjali forces of infidels appears to be a fantasy, our internal strife and civil wars are ominously rife. Hence ‘Muslim Nations’, on a global scale, are drawing daggers at each other, instigated by the West and their plots hatched, at times in the USA, Europe and Israel, while at other times in Russia. Be it the coup d'état against Morsi’s government in Egypt or the bloodshed in Syria, Muslims invariably work as foot-soldiers of the wicked global elite, furthering their sinister agenda(s).


There was a time, not long ago in history, when the USA and its allies could not stand any manifestly professed Islamic Welfare State taking roots virtually anywhere in the world, but how quickly has the paradigm shifted. The Anglo-European-Israeli axis of evil cannot now even stand anyGovernment considerate of a watered-down version of Islam. They come after it, all guns blazing, sometimes overtly while at other times covertly; Morsi’s democratically elected government in Egypt being toppled by a ‘mass movement’ is an eye-opening case in point. Ironically, according to confirmed independent media reports, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the U.A.E, all client states of Washington, provoked the Yankee-sponsored Egyptian Rebellion, provided political, moral (or more correctly immoral) and financial support along with a media-sponsored pandemonium; print, electronic and social (Gulf and Khaleej Times, Al-Jazeera and of course Twitter and Facebook) all working in tandem to bring down Morsi’s legitimately elected government


Elsewhere, Turkey on the other hand too has unwisely become party to the Syrian conflict by training rebels and installing Patriot Missile Batteries in its own territory, making it appear as an insurrection against a brutal Syrian regime led by Bashar Al Assad, who now innocently claims to be the victim.


Amidst this distasteful mayhem, however, there is Afghanistan; from where a serene cool breeze can be felt blowing. A place where the arrogant US and its NATO allies, facing a humiliating defeat, find no place to retreat. And retreat is what has started to begin, after the unveiling of a US plan to commence withdrawing its troops from the region starting 2014. The statement has been made by responsible officials in the US Administration and it remains to be seen whether the arrogant pharaoh of our age lives up to its word or uses it as a deceptive diversion, which by the way is a trademark of US foreign policy, all though its maligned history. Notwithstanding, all ciphers point to the fact that an Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan, based on the pristine rules of Islamic Social Justice, led and controlled by the Taliban and their allies, will emerge sooner or later in the country, In shaa Allah! (God willing!).


In our own country Pakistan, we are still engulfed by Allah’s wrath in the shape of cowardice, infighting and a plethora of other despicable ills. Worse still, instead of learning our lessons, we are moving further towards the pit of ignominy. The newly elected government of PML-N shamelessly used the name of our Objectives Resolution when their official lawyer, a member of the ruling party himself, asked for the Presidential election to be delayed on the pretext of MPs being engaged in fasting and Itikaf. The arguments put forth thus used the reference of the Qur’an and the Sunnah  in the said resolution in the country’s apex court stating that the said resolution required that the Presidential elections must be held on time, as scheduled, and any delay in matters of ‘such national importance’ could not be afforded by the nation. By citing a resolution that acts as a pivot of the Ideology of Pakistan with such trivial and nonchalant attitude speaks volumes of the importance (or the lack of it) that our ruling elite will afford to lay solid foundations to establish an Islamic Welfare State in his country, let alone the significant role the Objectives Resolution could play in solving the major national, regional and international issues facing Pakistan today. We have practically shed our Islamic configuration and, if any such phrase exists, have wretchedly become a ‘Secular-Islamic State’, swaying more towards the former in administrative spheres that matter most. Merely fifty (50) days in and the Sharif government is already full of massive scandals up to its gullet. Drone attacks keep killing innocent tribal civilians, as reported by independent investigators and media reports, and it appears that the present regime is following suite of the previous one by ‘offering official condemnation’, statements, proven to be nothing more than lip service thanks to a deal now known via Wikileaks cables. Agents rearing from CIA, RAW and Mossad operate unabated in places like Baluchistan and Karachi at will. If this is not treason, breach of security and jeopardizing Pakistan’s sovereignty than only Washington knows what is!


Likewise, the present government’s unilateral ‘affection’ and ‘willingness to engage in an Aman ki Aasha’ with India, our arch enemy even today, ‘at all costs’ has become sort of an obsession. The track-2 diplomacy, a euphemism for dealing secretively, has businessmen and liberal secularists at the helm of its affairs, exhibiting no point of departure from the cataclysmic policies adopted by both ex-dictator Musharraf and ex-President Zardari


 In a nutshell, despite continuing with Riba (interest/usury) based transactions, promoting immodestly and obscenity, advocating subservience to Islam’s worst enemy a.k.a. the USA and allowing enemy funding to Pakistani Media Houses, we are adamant that no religious or national misdeeds have been conducted, thus unwilling and unable to revert to Allah and repent for our momentous sins, both individually and collectively.


The consequence, as Iqbal quotes in a famous couplet is:

Individuals The Nature (Allah) forgives for their sins as It (He) Wills

Never doeth It (He) absolve the collective criminalities of the whole nation

(Abridged Translation)


Respected members of Tanzeem-e-Islami! Eid ul Fitr is in essence a day of thanksgiving and bliss for the two immeasurable bounties that Allah has bestowed on us, in a festive yet soberly mood


On the one hand he has conferred upon us an eternally lively gift in shape of the Qur’an, about which He Himself remarks,



The Most Merciful

عَلَّمَ الْقُرْاٰن

Taught the Qur'an,

(Chapter 55: verses 1-2)


This book is guidance for humankind and to the Jinn, through and through. It explicates the straight path sans deviations and filters human thought of all pseudo ideological and philosophical fallacies, discerning the truth from all rivals, thus saving us from the torment of the Hellfire and winning us paradise, with Allah’s mercy.


On the other, Allah has granted us a privileged mode of worship and an approach to spiritually transcend into the Divine presence and pleasure, namely fasting during the Holy month of Ramadan. We pray and vow to our capacity with sincerely to Allah for such fortitude and resilience during the remaining eleven months of the year that would shield and safeguard us from all transgressions, physical as well as spiritual, which cause Allah’s displeasure and which His beloved messenger strictly refrained us from committing. We couple this prayer with the supplication for Allah’s incessant bounty on us weaklings, so that we could perform acts that would be of pleasure to our Creator and a cause of His Mercy on us. ‘O Allah, make us do actions that You adore and that cause Your pleasure and proclivity.’ Ammeen!


A valid question arises in the minds of pensive Muslims that how come Islam, the favored Deen of Allah be in such a state of misery and disarray even in countries that claim to be Muslims, let alone those which are secular in design. How can the injunctions ordained by Allah in his Book and the Shariah (Mode of Life) be absolutely absent from the affairs of state; often ridiculed and frowned upon by the elite of those ‘Muslim countries’. How come that on the one hand we stamp our feet on the ‘signs’ and ‘decrees’ of Allah, practically negating our Deen and at times feeling nostalgic even at the mention of it, maintaining friendly ties and alliances with Allah’s enemies, pampering ourselves with mere worship, fasting, giving alms, performing Hajj and carrying out certain other Islamic rituals from time to time, sit back content that we are efficaciously doing our part as Muslims and are accomplishing what Allah has demanded of us, turning a deaf ear and exhibiting indications of a heart dead to the plight that Muslims face throughout the world today. These are questions that only ‘cattle’ would not consider worth contemplating. Our Muslim States, numbering in excess of 50, have turned their Qibla (direction) either towards Washington or Moscow and the worst part of it is that they feel proud to be members of those evil coalitions. Further bad news for these pretenders that rule us is that Allah mentions in various Ayahs of the Qur’an that His help, pleasure, assistance and a reserved place in Jannah (paradise/heaven) in the Hereafter is only for those who have unwavering faith, supplemented with righteous deeds; people who turn to Allah alone in the face of trials, tribulations and general strife.


We Muslims are blessed that apart from fasting during days and worshiping during nights we take or rather get a Time-Out from Allah to contemplate on our real purpose of existence in this world, during Itikaf (10 days of retreat from worldly affairs). Surely, worshiping five-times a day and fasting for the whole month is an open manifestation of Allah’s Omnipotence that Muslims vouch, yet these practices should also serve as training drills for preparing ourselves for the inevitable resistance to the Dajjali status quo, by submitting to Allah, the One and only Lord God and willing to sacrifice everything in His way when required. In the Qur’an, Allah has vividly expressed His utter annoyance and irascibility with those who are happy to follow some parts of the book and throw the rest behind their backs. If fasting during Ramadan is prescribed as an obligatory practice in Islam, so is enforcing the segregation of sexes. If extortion is prohibited in Islam, so is Riba (interest/usury).


In these circumstances my exclusive message to the members of Tanzeem-e-Islami is to ‘keep the bonfire alight’! We must be resilient and endure whatever is hurled at us while performing our religious duties.


In the end, the Ameer supplicated for Allah’s help and endurance in perusing this religious movement, founded on the notion of establishing the Deen of Allah on the Allah’s Land. He also prayed for the peace, security and safety of Muslim all around the world and more importantly for the Ummah to revert to its foundations of the Qur’an and the Sunnah to become a formidable force one more time.




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