Urdu: A Letter To Myanmar Ambassador

By Hafiz Akif Saeed (Ameer-e-Tanzeem-e-Islami) 

1 Response to "Urdu: A Letter To Myanmar Ambassador"

  1. Arif shah says:

    Janab Akif saeed sahab.
    Nehayat ehtram o Maazarat ke sath .
    Ijazat deejiye ke main kuchh kah sakoon.

    Kya yeh Ek Tanzeem ke ameer ka attitude hai? ya yeh ke kya yeh uski shan hai jo iss khat se jhalak rahi hai ?

    UN Charter.!!! ??? whose Charter is this anyway. we do never endorse it nor we refer it for any purpose what so ever. Our charter is one and will remain that till qayamah and after.

    Dr Israr RA would never have written a letter in this form what you have posted to burma ambessador.

    I dont know if you have used the word "UN charter" for bringing some ones attention to it for some strategic reason.

    also ... what you mean by meri jammat?????? what we think in india is Dr Israr s struggle was a global move. a sequal that re starts from the history back from the era of Hasan RA the Fifth khalifa e rashid jsut before Mulookiyah.

    But I appreciate your concern and its really a concern of a ameer and Imam of ummah. Allah accept us.

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