Latest Press Release: Shocking Indian leak about false flag terrorism; an eye-opener for Pakistan Dated: 19 July 2013

‘The statement given in the Supreme Court of India under oath by Indian ex-Deputy Interior Secretary, R. V. S. Mani, accusing the Indian establishment for the attacks on the country’s own parliament as well as the Mumbai attacks, come as shocking news for all peace loving people of the world. It also shows the extent of deceit to which the Indian establishment is willing to go to blame Pakistan and Islam for false flag attacks done by their own selves.’

This was stated by the Ameer of Tanzeem-e-Islami, Hafiz Akif Saeed, at Qur’an Academy Lahore during the Friday Sermon.


He added that people also found the attitude of the Pakistani government, media and intelligentsia intriguing for missing an opportunity to lobby to the international community for taking India to task for their outright treachery in political practices by blaming Pakistan for every incident that occurred on domestic soil. The Ameer said that people should question the wisdom of the present Pakistani government’s stance of favoring all out ties with their hostile neighbor, now that the leak has been made public, where they could not be trusted even for words given and actions taken. Indications coming in media reports that the Prime Minister of Pakistan was still perusing back door diplomacy with India were dumbfounding under these circumstances, he noted. The Ameer said that had such revelations been made about Pakistan instead, the widespread propaganda machine of India would already have wreaked havoc both domestically and internationally through its media and other institutions.


The Ameer noted that the present Indian leak had also served as an eye-opener for people to understand the dynamics of the massive terrorism that has plagued Pakistan for the last decade or so, with faceless and voiceless ‘suicide bombers’ invariably accused. The name of Taliban had been defiled injudiciously in many incidents of terrorism despite various rebuttals by the Afghan Taliban of any such involvement. Contrary to that, both intelligence and media reports had testified that in most such incidents all evidence had pointed towards an Indian plot to destabilize Pakistan. Aggravation in the security situation facing Pakistan had been compounded by the blanket access given by ex-dictator Musharraf to various international intelligence agencies, including CIA, Mossad and RAW to operate freely in the country. The Ameer remarked that the national and international media had proved time and again of being part and parcel of the sinister Dajjali agenda of hiding facts and manipulating information to serve their evil purposes and to inflate the war against Islam and Muslims. The same combination had gone all out to besmirch the Afghan Taliban but the world is a witness to the respect that Allah has bestowed on them for standing their ground and combating an enemy of Islam, which is on the retreat and begging for negotiations now, the Ameer concluded.


Earlier, the Ameer continued his talk on Surah Al-Hadeed of the Qur’an and the importance for Muslims to strive for establishing the Deen of Allah (SWT). The Ameer, citing various verses of the Surah, explained that the Qur’an had given a revolutionary message to Muslims of worshiping the one God alone and following in the footsteps of His messenger (SAW) to wage a Jihad against all sorts of oppression. He reiterated the need for the leadership and people holding responsible positions in Islamic revolutionary movements to give up their luxurious lifestyles and follow the Sunnah of the messenger of Allah (SAW) to successfully cause a change in the current evil world order and replace it with the Deen of Allah (SWT).

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